EA To Ship Multiple Games Up To 2021, Remasters Of Fan Favorite Games Inbound

Electronic Arts, best known as EA, is looking to ship a slew of new IPs alongside remasters of older “fan favorite” games. Of course, the next Battlefield game — which will be the successor to the flop that is Battlefield V — will release sometime between April 2021 and March 2022.

Catching wind from DSOG, we learn that EA is looking to pump out a lot of games in the coming years (including this one), which these new games and IPs will more than likely sport microtransactions and loot boxes.

While EA tries to find a way to get all of its titles to boast an Ultimate Team service model, DSOG highlights Daniel Ahmad’s coverage of the publisher/developer investor relations earning call.

You can read Ahmad’s highlights right here:

In case you can’t read the tweet, EA plans on releasing four sports titles that include FIFA and Madden, four “major titles,” four games from third-party and indie devs, and two new mobile games.

Those games will release throughout Fiscal Year 2021.

Moreover, the next Battlefield game will release either next year or the year after 2021. This means we won’t see a new entry in the franchise moving forward in 2020.

Here’s the tweet by Ahmad explaining the successor to Battlefield V and its release window:

Last but not least, DSOG reports that EA has confirmed it is working on remasters of “fan favorites.” I’m not sure what these games are, but EA will more than likely bring its current year touch to older titles.

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