Enter the Gungeon Sold Over 3 Million Units and Exit the Gungeon is coming to PC

Dodge Roll Games yesterday made the announcement that Enter the Gungeon has sold more than 3 million units since its launch in 2016. Their success continues to demonstrate the long term profitability that comes with treating your customers well.

Additionally the Apple Arcade title Exit the Gungeon will finally be coming to PC. Launched on Apple Arcade in September the title saw players resuming the rolls of the heroes from the original game now attempting to escape the Gungeon as it collapses following the conclusion of Enter the Gungeon.

Rather than being another rouge-like shooter the style of the game was changed to be a “dungeon climber.” Without the marketing hype it’s basically a 2d shooter with all the over the top weapons from the original game. There is no confirmation on pricing or if the PC release will see any additional content compared to the Apple Arcade release.

It will be available early 2020, but no specifics were provided by Dodge Roll.

House of the Gundead was announced last year as a collaboration with Griffon Areotech and Dodge Roll to create an arcade experience set in the Gungeon-verse. If you are wealthy enough and l love arcade titles you can own your very own for the low cost of $4,999 .

For those poor as hell with a complete disregard to your budget there is financing available. Arguably it is cool and were I a millionaire myself I’d probably snag one for my gaming room.