Godfall Leaked Gameplay Footage Wasn’t Running On A PS5, According To Dev

A leaked video showing off Godfall’s gameplay has been circulating the web for some time. However, that video is not representative of the PS5 version, nor is it recent in that it’s a year old. This information comes in by a dev working on the upcoming game by Gearbox Software and Counterplay Games.

To set the record straight, I am not excited for this game since it will be yet another looter game that has the same grindy mechanics, bad loot drops, glitches running rampant, and doing what any other cosmetic loaded looter game is doing.

As a bonus, Gearbox is publishing this game, and anything related to that company and Randy Pitchford is an instant “no” from me.

Anyway, straying off of yours truly and getting back on to Godfall, the leak showing gameplay of the upcoming third-person looter-slasher has been taken down on multiple occasions, but luckily you can see it right here:

[GodFall] [Video] – Combat Footage (A Fraction of the footage from an Unreleased Trailer I have) from r/PS4

After the usual PlayStation fanboys found the leak, they went on screaming like little girls saying stuff like, “Wow! This looks great to be a PS5 exclusive.” However, that footage isn’t indicative of the PS5’s power since it comes straight from a PC.

The information detailing that the above footage is not running on a PS5 but a PC and that it’s footage from 2019 comes from a dev on twitter:

Right now, the next-gen game has no release date, but what is official is that the looter-slasher will land on PS5 and PC via the anti-consumer client known as the Epic Games Store.

Last but not least, the dev hints that more info on this game will drop sometime soon.

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