Guns Akimbo Trailer Sees Two Guns Bolted Onto Daniel Radcliffe’s Hands

Guns Akimbo

I’m not sure what was going on at Saban Films to get them to green light Guns Akimbo, but I’m somewhat glad they did because it looks like it could be a potentially devilish film with lots of unorthodox violence, if the trailer is anything to go by.

Guns Akimbo is set a world not unlike Stephen King’s Running Man, where people are selected to partake in a deadly game called SKIZM for all the masses to see. The movie centers around Daniel Radcliffe’s character, who is a slacker who enjoys watching SKIZM, only for one day to be selected to become a participant in the show. He’s drugged and has two 1911s bolted onto his hands in a rather gruesome fashion.

The film follows Radcliffe as he attempts to survive the city, his handicap of not being able to properly use his hands, and the fact that some crazy chick is trying to kill him.

The movie reminds me a little bit of Gamer meets The Call Up meets The Tournament.

There’s somewhat of a grindhouse element to the aesthetic.

However, the movie also seems to veer into the potential trappings of a typical Hollywood flick. The tough, badass chick hunting Radcliffe may end up turning out to be a good guy based on the way the trailer unfolds, with Radcliffe’s narration indicating that he teams up with his aggressor to fight against the people who run SKIZM.

Yet another female savior flick would instantly make Guns Akimbo yet another forgettable film pushing the absolutely ridiculous feminist angle that we’ve been seeing more and more often in recent years. If they can manage to subvert the feminist agenda that has ruined almost all major Hollywood flicks this decade, then maybe it’ll be all right as a cult-classic, not unlike Hardcore Henry.

The off-center action-comedy is due to hit theaters on February 28th.