Hideo Kojima Wants To Make A “Big Game”; Episodic And Digital-Only Titles Aren’t Ruled Out

Hideo Kojima is looking to conjure up multiple games instead of just one. On many occasions we have reported on Kojima Productions starting work on the concept of a new project. Well, according to a new report, Kojima and crew are looking to make many working titles that consist of one “big game” and episodic and digital-only titles.

Whether you are a fan of Kojima’s work or not, it looks like more stuff from his team is headed your way.

Thanks to dualshockers.com, we learn that the February 6th, 2020, issue of Famitsu magazine (out today) includes a 30-page feature on Kojima Productions for the 4th anniversary of the studio.

The Famitsu magazine happens to include a five-page interview with Kojima and Yoji Shinkawa. However, the interview touches on a lot of stuff, much like what games can folks expect from Kojima Productions.

Here’s an excerpt of the interview on the type of games the studio plans on shipping in the foreseeable future:

“Kojima stated that Kojima Productions is planning to work on multiple game projects, one of which would be a “big” game. However, Kojima would also like to try doing smaller games, like episodic games and digital-only games. He’s unsure he’ll be able to manage that, but he hopes he’ll be able to develop and release smaller games while he keeps working on a bigger game project.


Lastly, Kojima ended the interview by repeating what he always says, how games and movies will change and merge. He mentioned how a lot of current 40+ years old movie directors were raised with games’ way of storytelling.”

In summary, expect a big game from Kojima Productions to come out in the next three years, but while that “blockbuster” takes shape, Kojima hopes the team can churn out digital-only and smaller episodic titles in between.

Lastly, Kojima Productions plans on making movies alongside video games too, which seems like a recipe for a can of worms.

Anyway, you can read the full write-up on the interview between Kojima and Famitsu by heading on over to dualshockers.com.

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