Konami’s Monster Battle Game “Solomon Program” Will Release For Nintendo Switch

Not too long ago, we reported on Konami announcing a new game that goes by the name “Solomon Program.” Well, we finally have a splash cover that we can look over and a console that this “monster-battle RPG” will end up on thanks to the latest report by CoroCoro Online.

There’s no telling as of this moment if “Solomon Program” is still a mobile game at heart with gacha-slot machine elements, but right now, it looks like Konami is making a functional video game and not an interactive gambling title.

I should note that “Solomon Program” may not be a well-crafted game, but it’s a video game nonetheless. We know this thanks to Gematsu covering a new report by CoroCoro Online.

The report that the former website detailed falls in line with our reporting yesterday in that “Solomon Program” will hit the Nintendo Switch as indicated by the “A and B” buttons spotted by ryokutya2089.com.

Right now, it’s still a mystery if this monster battle RPG will end up on PC and home consoles like PS4 and Xbox One, but I’m sure time will fix that. In the meantime, we have this image to look over thanks to Gematsu and CoroCoro Online:


Secondly, we have two more images showing off a character and a potential monster that players can control. The first image is of Gishiki, which is a “mysterious monster” that the protagonist encounters. Also, the second still is of Beta the main character of the manga:


I should note that the two characters shown above will appear in the manga that happens to be illustrated by Ametarou.

Lastly, a demo code will drop on January 17th via MiraCoro Comic Ver. 2.0, which should give curious fans a nice look at what “Solomon Project” has to offer.