Monster Hunter: World Iceborne Fix For PC Saved Games Surfaces

Monster Hunter World Iceborne Saved Game Fix

Capcom has been on their thumbs since the release of Monster Hunter: World’s newest DLC for PC, Iceborne. The content has crippled the game for a lot of people, including causing unwieldy CPU spikes, prevention of using various mods, as well as saved game files to become corrupted and wiped. Well, some gamers figured out a workaround on PC, but it requires a lot of patience and a few modding tools.

With the help of the community, Steam user SpootyPoots offered gamers a solution on how to remedy the broken saved game issue that some people are encountering where they attempt to import their saved game and it crashes the game.

So the first step is to download the MHWSaveTransfer tool from FusionR. You can download the free tool from over on

You’ll also need an Iceborne compatible save file, which you will need later. You can download the “Iceborne Ready (100 Percent Save File)” from over on as well.

Next you’ll need to make a backup copy of your Monster Hunter: World saved game. To do this go into the C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\userdata\[????]\582010\remote\ folder and backup the contents of the folder.

Now this is where things can get tricky, and if you need a visual guide then you can follow the video walkthrough provided by Youtuber RoyDaren.

In a follow-up post on January 10th, 2020, user awanderingswordsman offered a few more details on how to recover your game if your initial saved file may have been deleted or became corrupted.

You can recover your backup save by opening up Steam, right-clicking on Monster Hunter: World from your Steam library, click on “Manage”, and then go to “Browse Local Files” and copy the contents from the folder /savedata_backup/.

There should be a SaveData1000 file that you’ll need to copy over for the next segment.

After you’ve downloaded the Iceborne Ready (100 Percent SaveFile) and the MHWSaveTransfer tool, open up the MHWSaveTransfer program.

Follow the instructions laid out by awanderingswordsman…

“Open your back up file.
Click change steam ID.
Copy the number there.
Click clear workspace.
Open the downloaded file.
Click change steam ID and paste the one you just copied.
Import your back up file.
Drag your old character from the right to slot 2 on the left. Not sure if it matters that it’s slot 2 but some people said so.
Save file into your monster hunter world remote save data location.

From there, you’ll need to launch the game.

If you get a message about corrupt keybindings then it means it worked.

Click through the dialog box and wait for the game to finish loading.

Reset the keybindings.

Proceed to the options menu inside the main menu and set the language back to English, and then restart the game and load your character.

It should work.

This sort of workaround shouldn’t even be required, but this is the state that we’re in with PC games.

A lot of people are pretty peeved about the issues plaguing Monster Hunter: World on PC, and so far Capcom has yet to issue any sort of hotfix to address the issue. Given that it’s the weekend, a patch may not arrive until sometime after Monday.

(Thanks for the news tip Wondy Bergers)

(Main image courtesy of (Agent) Max_N7_51_RUS)