Overwatch 2 PVE Will Push The Narrative Forward, Sojourn To Be At The Center Of Story

Overwatch 2 will see the PoC character in the header image, Sojourn, play a central role in the main story. The dark-skinned Canadian’s back story remains a mystery at this point, but what isn’t a mystery is that the sequel to Overwatch will expand on pushing the narrative/story forward through its PvE mode.

Overwatch 2 has no release date but a release window, which is slated to debut sometime this year (2020). Folks that happen to possess a PC, PS4, Xbox One, or Nintendo Switch will be able to experience what gamers and fans call the “expensive expansion.”

In the meantime, way back on November 1st, 2019, Twitter user Overbuff documented segments of the “Overwatch What’s Next Panel,” and highlighted Jeff Kaplan saying the following:

Now that we know that the PoC character will play an integral role in the story, publication site gamesradar.com had the opportunity to sit down with Kaplan to talk about the title’s PvE and story.

The so-called sequel that is Overwatch 2 will boast a “complete story experience” through gameplay accompanied by “more” as noted below:

“We’re introducing full-featured PvE that will include a complete ‘story experience’ with a full set of story missions pushing the narrative of Overwatch forward through gameplay for the first time. We’re also working on a highly replayable cooperative feature we call Hero Missions that will be powered by a progression system that will allow each hero to level up and gain new powers.”

Hero Missions sounds like a thing that will be loaded with loot-boxes and microtransactions, but we’ll see. Anyway, Hero Missions sport “highly replayable cooperative” content that relies on a new progression system.

In addition to the above, each hero must be leveled separately and will gain new powers/abilities along the way.

Lastly, before signing out, you can look over a batch of stills that the publication has up showing in-game footage of the forthcoming sequel that is due out across PC and home consoles sometime this year:



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