Rumor Watch: Insomniac Teases Some New Sunset Overdrive

Sunset Overdrive’s lifecycle has been a disaster. Starting out as an Xbox One exclusive released in 2014 it served as one of the earliest examples of get woke go broke. Launching to sales so abysmal its publisher Microsoft still refuses to officially disclose any figures for the game, but estimates from VGChartz put its global distribution at 1.16 million. Given the game has been bundled with Xbox Ones, that is a tragically low figure.

The release would see the usual suspects in journalism heap praise on the game, with other outlets panning it for bad writing, repetitive mission design, and unsatisfying combat. Amongst content creators, the script was vigorously mocked for its poor attempt at edgy “lol, what” humor that ultimately devolved into a cringe-filled trainwreck of a narrative.

Despite all this the game has developed a very loyal following, owing in large part to the lore and world design. People have clamored for more Sunset Overdrive for years, but as Microsoft owns the publishing rights to Sunset Overdrive, and Sony Insomniac, those dreams seemed as if they’d remain just that. Yet in September Sony confirmed with the acquisition of Insomniac they had acquired the rights to the IP. What this means in layman terms is they can release more content set in the same universe, just not call it Sunset Overdrive unless Sony buys the publishing rights from Microsoft.

Some deal may have been struck as Insomniac Games has begun teasing something new for the Sunset Overdrive community.

Speculation, whether it is a sequel or a remaster, has been proposed by fans, but Insomniac has remained mum. With rumors indicating Insomniac is working on Spider-man 2 and a new Ratchet and Clank title, it is far more likely what is in the works is a remaster rather than a sequel.

With added content, tweaked combat, the game could finally shine through with the potential the fanbase sees in the game. Though nothing is going to fix the cringe-tastic storyline. That’s just something we’re going to have to live with though.