The ESA Promises To Earn Back Your “Trust And Support” At E3 2020

It looks like the ESA is desperate to gain your attention for the games event that is said to be going through an “identity crisis.” Yes, the ESA wants to win back your trust and support for E3 2020 so that you will either attend the event or watch it from afar on any device.

We know that Sony and its censorship policies won’t appear at the annual entertainment event, but Microsoft and the Xbox team are still scheduled to appear.

Besides companies appearing at this year’s E3, many people seem to have lost trust in the ESA backed event according to a new blog post on

If you don’t want to jump over to the above webpage, you can read the important parts of the notice right here:

“We’d like to cut right to the chase.


We’ve listened to the feedback of our media partners, attendees and the industry at large. We are committed to keeping E3 at the level you’ve come to expect.


You’ll be happy to know that we’re not producing E3 2020 in a vacuum. For E3 2020, we’re collaborating with industry insiders and new creative partners, including the tastemakers at iam8bit, to reinvigorate the show and, frankly, to shake things up.


We are well down the path on the development and production of a large, super fun floor experience that celebrates gaming culture in exciting new ways.


Without revealing too much right now, here’s a taste:


We will be showcasing E3 to the world through new streaming and digital programming while creating gatherings on the show floor that let people do what they love the most… play and celebrate games.


We’ll have surprise guests, amazing stage experiences, access to insiders and experiential zones that delight the senses. It will be incredibly inclusive, celebrating all aspects of our industry.


Over the next few weeks – and continuing all the way to E3 – we will be revealing more details and will continue to listen and learn. In fact, if you have an idea that you’d like to see come to life at E3, please send it to [email protected], and we’ll see if we can make it happen. No idea is too large or too small; we want to hear from you.


You should also know that we’ve upgraded our media registration process, which received a lot of attention this past summer. Earning back your trust and support is our top priority.”

Contrary to the ESA claiming that it seeks to focus on video games and celebrating the culture, the company wants to attract celebrities, and other popular figures to bring in a younger audience. That’s not to mention that they openly supported anti-gaming activist, Anita Sarkeesian in a tweet from January, 2017.

In addition to the above, publication site reports late last year that the ESA’s focus is to garner more people, much like the young.

Given that the ESA wants to promote stuff to people while waiting or standing around by using famous entities such as the Los Angeles Lakers playing basketball games in front of fans or having the Creative Artists Agency (CAA) or the United Talent Agency (UTA) doing stuff near attendees only means to “attract” a certain crowd to the event.

While we wait to see if the ESA can bolster numbers and attract a younger audience using celebrities, E3 2020 registration will start on February 15th.