BioMutant Is Still In Development, Release Date Coming When Game Is Ready

After THQ Nordic took to its Twitter account to announce the acquisition of Experiment 101, not much info surfaced on the latter company until now. That’s correct, THQ Nordic and Experiment 101 are working on the final stages of BioMutant. However, the publisher and developer won’t share anything on a debut date until the game is near a state to announce a solid release date.

Whether or not this game will become an Epic Games Store timed exclusive remains unclear at this moment, but what is for certain is that folks must wait a little while longer before going hands-on with the kung-fu action-adventure title BioMutant.

We know the above due to the official BioMutant Twitter account posting the following notice regarding the state of the game and its development:

For those keeping an eye on this game now know that the devs are working on the final stages of BioMutant, which means that we should get a solid announcement regarding a release date sometime around E3 2020 or Gamescom 2020.

Before the second and third quarters of this year roll around unleashing multiple trade events on the games industry, we know that the devs are working “harder than ever” on BioMutant, which could mean bug fixes, better optimization, and overall polish to things that dearly need it.

Last but not least, the devs have updated the game’s Steam page on multiple occasions. Way back in 2017, the game had a release date of 2018. However, that changed when 2018 rolled around and then moved to 2019. And last year, we all know that the game did not hit PC and home consoles, and now THQ Nordic and Experiment 101 updated the game’s Steam page to reflect a 2020 release.

With all of that said, whenever the action-adventure title does release, know that it’s slated to land across PC, PS4, and Xbox One.