Final Fantasy VII Remake PS4 Timed Exclusivity Extended To April 10th, 2021

Well, it looks like when Square Enix delayed Final Fantasy VII Remake from March 3rd to April 10th, 2020, it affected the timed exclusivity date in that it’s pushed back too. Whether the upcoming remake will land on PC or Xbox One, it’s now going to happen around April 10th, 2021.

Website reports that Square Enix is moving the timed PS4 exclusivity day from March 3rd, 2021, to April 10th, 2021. In other words, if you were looking forward to grabbing this game either on PC or Xbox One, you’ll have to wait even longer — assuming you were interested.

This whole timed exclusivity deal that Square Enix is pulling shows that the company can’t keep promises due to the timed exclusivity deal contradicting an earlier Square Enix PR statement to

The reason Square Enix told Video Games Chronicle that Final Fantasy VII Remake wouldn’t hit other platforms like PC and Xbox One is due to the Xbox Team screwing up and showing the forthcoming RPG coming to Xbox consoles. Here’s Square Enix’s PR reply regarding the whole Final Fantasy VII Remake platform conundrum:

“As previously announced, Final Fantasy VII Remake will be released for the PlayStation 4 on March 3rd, 2020 [now April 10th, 2020]. We have no plans for other platforms.”

So what does this mean? Well, it means from here on out Square Enix might promise one thing and then deliver something else. This means one day, you might see DLC split between each platform, or certain episodes containing content unlike that on the PC or Xbox One version, and then another day, it’s all different.

In the meantime, you can check out the game’s theme song trailer. I should note that both the English and Japanese trailers sit below with the latter up first and the former coming in second:

Final Fantasy VII Remake will launch for PS4 on April 10th, 2020, while either the PC or Xbox One version will debut sometime around April 10th, 2021.