Gangs Of London Trailer Brings The Raid-Style Violence To Sky TV

Gangs Of London

Gareth Evans, the creator and director of The Raid movies, decided to try his hand at a limited-run crime-drama exclusively made for Sky TV. The name of the series is called Gangs of London, but it’s not like it’s an English take on Sorcese’s Gangs of New York. It’s a modern tale about a son who loses his father and attempts to make enemies out of everyone until he finds out who killed him.

Veteran Irish actor Colm Meaney – probably best known for his role in Star Trek DS9 – plays the head of a local gang in London, England. He’s unceremoniously killed one night by a rival gang looking to encroach on his empire.

The only thing is, no one knows which gang killed him or who from that gang was responsible. This leads the son of the legendary mobster to seek vengeance by going through any and everyone to find out who was responsible for his father’s death. We get a series of fight sequences and violent showdowns not unlike what we saw from The Raid.

You can check out the trailer below courtesy of Movie Trailers Source.

The son appears to recruit a few of the lower members from around the city to help with his crusade.

One of the people that he brings aboard is a black street fighter, who apparently becomes a bodyguard of sorts.

Who are they fighting against? Well, the two rival gangs featured in the trailer are African and Albanian.

I wonder how well the woke crowd will take to that?

Then again, Evans still kowtowed by “diversifying” the good guys by having them bring in some of the outcast Africans to help in their fight against the Albanians.

Much like his Raid films, you can see that he goes for lots of wide-angled shots when capturing the action. The face-plant looked especially impressive.

However, I wonder how much Sky TV will force Evans to bend to their will in terms of content? Evans usually doesn’t pull any punches with his movies, so this is one to watch for.

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