Goblin Sword, 16-Bit Style RPG Platformer Makes The Leap To Nintendo Switch

Goblin Sword

Gelato Games’ Goblin Sword found success on mobile devices but decided to seek further success on home consoles starting with the Nintendo Switch. The side-scrolling, platforming RPG is currently available over on the Nintendo eShop for just $4.99.

The game is a classic throwback to 16-bit style platformers that dominated the SNES, Turbo Grafx 16 and Sega Genesis during the 1990s. The story is really simple: you take on the role of a warrior fighting back against a monster invasion on your hometown led by an evil wizard.

You’ll have to battle, dodge, collect, and jump your way through 89 different levels and defeat 13 different bosses along the way.

The gameplay is actually quite charming and reminded me of classics like Sparkster, Power Piggs of the Dark Ages and Rocket Knight, with a dash of Go Go Ackman and The Lost Vikings.

It’s not just a hack-and-slash platformer, though. You’ll also be able to collect coins and loot scattered throughout the game, unlocking up to 30 different weapons that will allow you to defeat all manner of enemy you encounter.

In addition to that, you can boost your powers with 30 different relics that allow you to access new areas, traverse past obstructions, or unleash special abilities.

To help aid you along the way, you can also encounter up to eight different guardians who will accompany you in your journey, fighting alongside you during battle.

The game is quite expansive, even if graphically it’s not quite up to the standards of other iconic 16-bit games like Super Adventure Island or Earthworm Jim.

Anyway, given the paucity of noteworthy games this generation, if you were interested in a game that rekindles the sense of adventure and joy from the yesteryears, you can grab a digital copy of Goblin Sword right now for the Nintendo Switch from the Nintendo eShop.

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