Metro: Exodus Has Performed Well On Steam, According To Lars Wingefors

Metro: Exodus was once an Epic Games Store timed exclusive, and during that time, many fans that happened to game on Gaben’s Steam were pissed since they were promised the FPS game on said client first. As of February 15th, 2020, the game is back on Steam, and THQ Nordic’s CEO claims during an earnings call that the title is doing well after its reappearance.

To refresh your memory on Metro: Exodus‘ Epic Games Store run, THQ Nordic’s CEO Lars Wingerfors noted back in 2019 during an “extended financial year report” covering from January 1st, 2018, to March 31st, 2019, that the FPS game performed within management’s range of “expectations”:

“Overall, the game [Metro: Exodus] has performed within management’s range of expectations and has recouped all investments made in development and marketing.”

Although Metro: Exodus pulled in enough funds to recoup all investments made in development and marketing, it was only done through the power of PS4, and Xbox One, and not PC.

We know this because CEO Wingefors decline to unveil PC sales of Metro: Exodus according to a handy summation of the Q5 2019 report by Twitter user Nathan:

Fast forward to now, and website DSOG reports that Wingerfors had this to say during the company’s most recent earnings call:

“Metro [Exodus] performed well on Epic and I was happy with the performance on the Epic Games Store. That doesn’t say I’m not happy with the Steam performance either, so it’s been great in the first days.


I think it’s just a great game. People just love playing great games and I hope it will continue to perform well over the coming years on all platforms.”

In any case, the exact numbers for both the Epic Games Store and Steam aren’t public since it looks like Wingefors and co., don’t want people to measure the success of the year-old first-person shooter. This means that we’ll never know until someone spills the entire details sometime in the future.

Lastly, Metro: Exodus is out now for PC and home consoles. However, you can learn more about this game by paying its official website a visit.

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