Resident Evil 3 Remake Gameplay Video Shows Jill Don’t Need No Man

Resident Evil 3 Remake

A new series of clips have been released for Capcom’s upcoming remake of Resident Evil 3. The video features 13 minutes of in-game play, mostly of Jill and Carlos’ banter where Jill makes it known that she don’t need no man.

The suave ladies man iteration of Carlos from the old 1999 outing of Resident Evil 3 has been replaced with a [current] cuckold who can only muster to make barely passive flirtatious remarks at a stone-hearted Jill who acts very masculine in the Resident Evil 3 Remake. Simps, cuckolds, and Centrists™ will be quick to defend the virtual thespian’s honor as they are wont to do due to the fact that they’re incels looking to garner favor from the hambeast overlords that call themselves feminists.

You can check out the collage of gameplay clips courtesy of the appropriately named YouTube outfit GetRektNoob.

The beginning of the clip starts with some chit-chat between Jill and Carlos, where she consistently puts him in his place with the sort of snappy comebacks that will make all the cat-ladies on Twitter shout out “You go girl!” while simultaneously sobbing their loneliness into an empty carton of Häagen-Dazs.

Let me just point out that Jill was never a man-hating, Rambo-type. She was focused and professional but she certainly wasn’t supercilious as she’s depicted in the video clips above.

All Jill’s feminine charm has been replaced with masculine shrewdness. She also now curses like a sailor, something that she didn’t do before.

Later on we see Jill getting her arse proper smacked by the Nemesis after making a quip about him being a creepy stalker, and then we see her shooting at some spiders, using red barrels to blow up groups of zombies, and firing on downed electrical transformers to use the electricity to stun the walking dead.

Later on we see Jill killing some spiders and fighting a penis monster, which opens up and devours her through its urethra.

Resident Evil 3 Remake - Russians

And then finally we see some more running and attempting to escape from the Nemesis, who can now run and leap ahead of Jill to close the distance.

Jill isn’t completely helpless, though, she can now roll to quickly create separation between her and her enemies… not that it matters much since the Nemesis can pop up in front of her.

Speaking of which, not only will he attempt to wrap up Jill’s body in his tentacles, but he also has a flamethrower this time around, which eventually turns into a boss battle.

The video ends with Jill battling the Nemesis while he’s on fire and swinging around his busted flamethrower like a fiery hammer.

(Thanks for the news tip Kevin Backalive)

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