Samsung And Xbox Team Partner To Work On A Premium Streaming Experience

It looks like Samsung and Microsoft’s Xbox Team have partnered together to bring gamers yet another “streaming service.” David Park, Samsung’s director of strategy, revealed that the company is currently working with the Xbox Team on a “premium cloud-based game streaming experience.”

From here on out, don’t be shocked if more companies team up to bring forth more “high-grade streaming services” despite Google Stadia showing that consumers have no interest in this anti-consumer move, but I digress.

As of recent, website reports that a Microsoft PR person sent the site an email detailing a bit of info on the whole partnership with Samsung:

“We believe players around the world should have access to great, high-quality games on the device of their choice. Working with partners like Samsung is an important step in our Project xCloud journey and will help make game streaming more accessible for gamers. We look forward to sharing more later this year.”

In case you don’t know, Project xCloud is the working title of Microsoft’s Xbox cloud gaming “service.” Seeing that Samsung hasn’t offered any word to CNET on the partnership means that it extends further than streaming and Project xCloud.

In addition to the above, CNET points out that Samsung will sport Forza Street on Galaxy devices, which means that this partnership could see certain games by the Xbox Team heading up the Korean giant’s tech.

Forza Street will also land on iOS devices, too. And on the topic of Apple and streaming, the Xbox Team has a limited iOS test flight preview for Project xCloud.

We’ll see how this thing plays out regarding the Xbox Team, Samsung, and Apple with this whole streaming thing, but for right now, it seems as if the three are working together when it comes to building up Project xCloud.

In the meantime, what are your thoughts on Microsoft’s Xbox Team partnering up with Samsung to bring a “premium cloud-based game streaming experience” to bolster Project xCloud?

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