Sleeping Giants Continues Quest To Deplatform One Angry Gamer, Gateway Pundit

Sleeping Giants

Nandini Jammi, the co-founder of the Sleeping Giants organization, is continuing her quest to defund and deplatform any website that doesn’t align with the crazy views of the Regressive Left. Her main aim is to ensure that the opposition websites  are starved out of existence so that there’s no one standing in the way of the Left taking control of every information facet on the web.

On February 3rd, 2020 Jammi responded to a tweet from the marketing manager of PubMatic, who stated that they had blacklisted Gateway Pundit from their services since February, 2018.

In a follow-up tweet, Jammi explained what her methods were for getting advertisement funding pulled from websites, informing her audience that she takes time to browse through the ads.txt of each website she doesn’t like and then contacts the ad vendors and/or brands in hopes of getting them to pull out of serving said websites.

She later acknowledges that she’s continued her quest to get all of One Angry Gamer’s advertising pulled.

This continues from Jammi’s targeting of the site since November of 2019, where she took offense of an article highlighting how Sleeping Giants is part of a cancel culture attempting to deplatform anyone who doesn’t share their beliefs. At the time it was Stefan Molyneux who was deplatformed from Paypal due to the Sleeping Giants.

They were also responsible for getting PayPal to pull out of SubscribeStar, which affected Tim Pool, Sargon of Akkad, and many others.

Basically, if you don’t kowtow to the Regressive Left’s ideology, then they make sure that you won’t have a platform to share any opinions they don’t like.

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