CD Project Red Won’t Appear At PAX East 2020

According to the North American head of communications for CD Projekt RED, it looks like some of the devs going to PAX East 2020 will be joining other companies in bailing out. Yes, former Blizzard dev Stephanie Bayer announced not too long ago that her team is no longer scheduled to go to the upcoming event.

With many companies pulling out of PAX East 2020 it should come in as no surprise that other major figures in the games industry will follow suit, due to concerns regarding the coronavirus.

And with that said, it looks like CD Projekt Red’s team listed to go to the upcoming PAX event will no longer make an appearance according to the company’s NA head of communications:

Many people took to different social media outlets, wondering if this would stop the devs from showing an update on Cyberpunk 2077. However, it looks like the game isn’t appearing at the event in the first place according to the following interaction:

In addition to the above, CDPR’s NA head of communications — that fits into current year standards quite well — elaborated on what the company intended on doing before canceling plans:

This act by CDPR adds on to the growing list of PAX East 2020 absentees that include Electronic Arts, and Capcom — among others.

Lastly, this year’s PAX East is set to go live on February 27th and will end on March 1st, 2020.

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