Stoneshard Cheats Enable God Mode, Infinite Stats

Stoneshard Cheats

Ink Stain Games and HypeTrain Digital’s Stoneshard managed to find a solid outing in the form of Stoneshard, which is a hardcore rogue-like. The game has already moved thousands of copies even though it’s in Early Access after launching on February 6th. If you managed to purchase a copy and have been mulling over ways to scrape together victories without putting in countless hours into the game, you can just cheat your way to fame and fortune.

The cheats come in a variety of forms, the first of which is available for download from

The trainer comes with the following cheats for Stoneshard:

  • +100 XP
  • Low Health Head
  • Low Health Torso
  • +500 XP
  • Heal Head
  • Heal Torso
  • Low Health Left Hand
  • Low Health Right Hand
  • Heal Left-Hand
  • Heal Right-Hand
  • Heal Left-Leg
  • Low Health Left Leg
  • Infinite Mana
  • Godmode
  • +5 SP
  • +5 AP

The trainer comes with both free and premium options. However, the free options aren’t all that great, given that two out of the three free options are hardcore cheats, which means that they’re designed for players who like a bit of extra challenge on their gameplay sandwich. However, you can add free 100xp to your stash of experience if you want.

There’s a second cheat trainer available for download from over on Cheat Happens.

The cheats in the Stoneshard trainer are listed below:

  • Unlimited Health
  • Unlimited Mana
  • Edit: AP
  • Edit: SP
  • Edit: XP
  • Edit: Strength
  • Edit: Agility
  • Edit: Perception
  • Edit: Vitality
  • Edit: Willpower
  • Edit: Thirst
  • Edit: Hunger
  • Edit: Head
  • Edit: Torso
  • Edit: Left Hand
  • Edit: Right Hand
  • Edit: Left Leg
  • Edit: Right Leg
  • Edit: Gold

The only thing about the Cheat Happens trainer is that it’s premium, meaning that you will need to register for a paid membership to get your hands on the trainer.

Alternatively, there’s another trainer available for download for free from Mega Share Pro.

The trainer comes with the following Stoneshard cheats:

  • God Mode
  • +500 XP
  • Infinite Mana
  • +5 SP
  • +5 AP

A word of warning, though, hijacked trainers and “free” trainers from YouTube videos are risky business. While it’s an option, it’s not one that I would say is wise to utilize unless you absolutely need to cheat in the game at all costs.

Otherwise it would be better to just wait for a proper cheat table to arrive.

Stoneshard is available right now over on the Steam store for $14.99. The game is currently in Early Access so if you would prefer to wait for the finished thing, you’ll need to check back in in another two years.

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