Target Number One Trailer Exposes International Drug Corruption Cover-Up From 1989
Target Number One (2020)

There’s a new indie film from Highland Film Group and Gold Rush Entertainment starring Josh Hartnett called Target Number One, it’s an interesting look into the corruption within the Canadian government involving drug smuggling and the trading of illicit substances.

I’m a little shocked that this movie was made, but given that it was done by an independent outfit it sort of explains away how it was able to be made. Why am I shocked? You ask. Well, it’s because the film stars two straight white males in a movie about a straight white Canadian male who gets setup in a drug deal to take the fall for an operation funded by law enforcers.

The poor sap was painted as a drug kingpin operating out of Thailand when that was far from the truth. You can check out the trailer below, courtesy of Film Trailer Zone.

It plays out the way the stories read for Michael Karl MacNeil, who was 25 at the time of his arrest and was labeled as some sort of international drug kingpin, as reported by UPI.

In the film, however, it gives the impression that this young kid was setup from the get-go, and had no way out.

The story of a straight white male in plight by a corrupt system is a story that doesn’t get told often, much less in a movie with a few recognizable stars that’s set to hit actual theaters.

It’s an interesting looking film and definitely one to keep an eye on. For the most part it looks like it’s pozz-free, and that’s a huge plus for people looking to engage in media that doesn’t beat them over the head with hardline identity politics or subversive messaging.

You can look for Target Number One to hit theaters on April 24th this spring.


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