VirtuaVerse, Point-and-Click Cyberpunk Game Release Set For May 12th, 2020


Theta Division’s pixelated, classically designed point-and-click adventure title, VirtuaVerse, is officially scheduled to release on May 12th, 2020 this spring. The game will provide players with a 1990s style throwback experience made for today’s generation of gamer.

Blood Music will be publishing the title, and hopefully we’ll see a console port at some point down the line. The game’s general premise and story description sounds like something that would make for a drop-dead awesome limited run series on a streaming service like Hulu or Netflix… if they weren’t pozzed to the nano-core.

Nevertheless, the story centers around a mod-smuggler named Nathan, who lives with his girlfriend Jay. In the future artificial intelligence controls many parts of society through a neural network, optimizing and constantly changing based on the personal data it’s fed. Nathan isn’t part of the system, but is still affected by it when he finds that his graffiti-artist girlfriend has gone missing, sending him into a spiral of intrigue, deceit, and a cult of technomancy, all while he attempts to stay out of the eye of the AI and travel across the world in his attempts to find Jay.

Nathan will have to dive deep into the AR hacking group that Jay used to hang with, as well as discover what the cryptic message means that she left him before disappearing.

Players will have to talk to NPCs, gather items, complete mini-games, and solve puzzles across the retro-made game that will surely inspire a since of nostalgia in fans of old-school classics such as Future War and Beneath A Steel Sky.

While it may be a hand-painted game, I love the sense of character and style that the game exhibits. It reminds me of the sort of dedication and heart poured into The Last Night, which at this point seems like it will never release.

As mentioned, you can look for VirtuaVerse to make its way to the Steam store starting May 12th.

You can wishlist or follow the game right now by visiting the Steam store.

(Thanks for the news tip Cinj)