Animal Crossing: New Horizons Trailer Showcases Island Customization

With days to go before a glorious union of wholesome and ripping and tearing occurs, Nintendo has released a new trailer detailing the level of customization players will have in New Horizons. From the moment you get saddled with a mountain of debt for your island expedition, you will have a plethora of options to customize your island to be uniquely yours.

In traditional series’ style players will be able to customize how their dwelling looks inside and out. Everyone starts with a humble tent before working their way to their dream abode, but in-between players will be able to customize how their outdoors looks as well. The choice is yours. Will you craft a comfortable hub to get together with friends, surround your house with a lavish garden, or will the landscape be that of the King of Hobos whose reign shall be eternal?

Beyond your house, with the passage to time, you’ll begin to build up a town with new residents coming each day. Where paths and buildings will be erected will be up to the player for that mountain of debt effectively makes you wholesome El Presidente, but without gulags.

No benevolent dictator wouldn’t be able to customize their magnificent visage, so there will be a plethora of options to make your character look however you want. Minus a Chaplain stash, because the world has issues with the Chaplain look for some strange and unknown reason.

As a final twist, though this cannot be confirmed, there is a rumor floating around from Gamestop employees that the company is in talks with Nintendo to release the game early to avoid the Corona lockdowns. It is unknown whether these negotiations will be successful, though they are more probable to be occurring than not.

If they are not then players will be able to experience wholesome on March 20th when the game officially releases.