Butt Boy Trailer Is About A Man Being Hunted For Shoving Stuff Up His Butt

Butt Boy Movie

There aren’t many movies where the headline is so absurd that you have to stop and spend a few minutes to mentally digest what you just read. Epic Pictures and Tyler Cornack’s Butt Boy is the sort of movie where it may take more than just a few minutes to digest the headline, and fight the unending urge from your curiosity to find out just exactly what the movie is about.

The thriller follows an over-the-edge detective dealing with sobriety issues who begins to suspect that his sponsor may be behind a string of recent disappearances taking place in the town.

The detective’s obsession with his sponsor leads him to believe that objects, animals, and even human children that have recently gone missing could be due to the unassuming sponsor shoving things up his butt and making them disappear.

You can check out the trailer below courtesy of Movie Coverage.

Tyler Rice assumes the role of the grizzled Detective Russel Fox, who becomes embroiled in the affairs of his sponsor as he attempts to find out why things are going missing and how he’s managing to make objects disappear up his butt.

This is like a movie based on former Destructoid writer Jed Whittaker.

Butt Boy - Mad Detective

I’m sure game journalists will be able to duly identify with Butt Boy, since it seems to be something that coincides with their degenerate and disgusting lifestyle.

However, unlike real life there’s a hero in the movie attempting to stop the man from shoving things up his rectal hole, assuming that’s what is really going on. I imagine if the detective wins then a bunch of game journalists will be angry at the outcome of the movie, but if he loses they will cheer it on as “brave” and “stunning”.

Anyway, Butt Boy will be hitting theaters on April 3rd, 2020 and will be available on video on-demand starting April 14th.

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