Dual Gear Beta Backer Test Set To Go Live On April 15th, 2020

If you are looking for a mecha game to play, preferably a turn-based mecha game, then it looks like during the middle of next month there will be a playable Beta Backer sessions for Dual Gear. Indie publisher and developer Orbital Speed Studio revealed this information through a new screenshot on the game’s official website.

I should note, given that information on this next test is scarce, the test set for April should follow in the footsteps of other past alpha and beta tests.

In other words, whatever tier that you have backed, you should gain access to the newly announced April 15th Beta Backer test — through key distribution.

Sadly, the game’s official Twitter account, Facebook page, and blog section make no mention nor detail this new session. However, Dual Gear’s official website does show the due date via a screenshot as seen below:


In other words, save the date and mark your calendars for April 15th, 2020, if you want to participate in the latest PC Beta Backer event.

The reasoning behind this move is so that the devs can give backers and fans an updated version of the game to play while receiving feedback to improve Dual Gear before its official release.

And speaking of its official release, I’m not sure if Dual Gear is still on for its Steam Early Acces launch late this month or if it will face a delay? I’m sure we’ll find out what’s going to go down in the next couple of weeks.

With all of that said, despite the Indiegogo campaign being closed as of December 31st, 2019, all information is still active, and backers are still entitled to their respective rewards/tiers.

If you want to learn more about Dual Gear, you can hit up dualgeargame.com for additional info. Also, you can check out old footage if you haven’t seen the game thanks to YouTuber Secret Code:

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