Kaze And The Wild Masks Free Beta Key Giveaway

Kaze and the Wild Masks

Soedesco decided to partner up with One Angry Gamer and giveaway a number of free keys for the Kaze and the Wild Masks closed beta test. The test will get underway starting today on March 27th, and it will run up through April 6th. So You have around two weeks to get in on the action, and we’ll be providing you with some keys to do so.

So how do you get a beta key? It’s pretty simple:

  1.  Like the One Angry Gamer Facebook Page so you can be notified when new posts are made.
  2.  Closed beta keys will be posted periodically on the OAG Facebook page.
  3.  Copy the CBT key from the post(s) on Facebook.
  4.  Open up the Steam client and click on “Activate a Product on Steam”.
  5.  Input the code you copied from the Facebook posts to activate the Kaze CBT on Steam.

Congrats. You’re done.

If you did it successfully you should be able to download the test client and give the game a playthrough up to April 6th.

The closed beta test will include the entire first world of Kaze and the Wild Masks, which consists of several playable levels, including bonus levels. The development team at Vox Game Studio will be gathering feedback from the test, and will be taking suggestions, bug reports, or other information from closed beta testers over on their official Discord channel.

As you can see from the gameplay trailer, Kaze and the Wild Masks has a traditional, 2D side-scrolling feel to it like classic 16-bit platformers, but visually it looks as if it leaped right out of the 32-bit era. You’ll collect masks that will allow Kaze to transform and traverse through different types of obstacles and environments, completing levels you otherwise wouldn’t be able to complete in Kaze’s normal state. Speaking of which, Kaze’s design reminds me a little bit of Buster from Tiny Toons Adventures

Anyway, the game is currently still in development, but you’ll be able to get your hands on the beta version for a limited time ahead of the official release.

If you don’t manage to get your hands on a closed beta key, you can still follow or wishlist Kaze and the Wild Masks by visiting the Steam store page. Alternatively, you can learn more about the game by visiting the official website.

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