MotoGP 20 Trailer Highlights New Dynamic Tire Physics

MotoGP 20

Milestone recently dropped the new gameplay trailer for MotoGP 20, highlighting the game’s new tire physics and the dynamics of how changing the compound pressure and type will alter the way the bike handles, the way you grip the turns, and how much traction you’ll maintain throughout the race.

The newest trailer is only 40 seconds long, but it gets the point across about the new physics directly. The trailer doesn’t delve too much into the specifics of the mechanics, but we do get to see enough of it in play to understand how it works.

You can check out the trailer below to get an idea of how the tire physics work.

The video only gives us a brief example of using a specific setup where the pressure of the tires allowed for sharp turns and hard corners, but we don’t know exactly how long it will take for the weardown to occur and at what point you begin to lose traction.

However, I must say that the bike movements, and the rider sway look particularly good here. It’s not quite 1:1 realistic, but it is definitely getting there.

You also get to see a little bit more of how the tires and new physics system works even with the historic bikes.

Milestone has really found their niche with the motorcycle sub-genre within the category of racing games, and each new game coming out of the studio shows incremental refinements in all the key areas and in all the right ways.

They just keep chipping away at the block in an attempt to hew perfection out of the motorcycle mold, and while the MotoGP series no longer holds the luster for me that it did nearly 15 years ago, I do like that Milestone has decided to take the series in a more serious direction and attempt to achieve the kind of realism that’s been sorely lacking in the sim department for so long.

You can look for MotorGP 20 to drop on the PS4, Xbox One, PC, and Nintendo Switch starting April 23rd.

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