Mount And Blade 2: Bannerlord Early Access Release Date Moves Up To March 30th, 2020

It looks like the opposite has happened during this time of delays and postponement when it comes to TaleWorlds Entertainment’s Mount and Blade 2: Bannerlord. During this pandemic, the devs behind the medieval game have announced that its Steam Early Access release has moved from March 31st to March 30th, 2020.

Although many companies are taking measures to play things safe during this pandemic, it looks like TaleWorlds Entertainment’s method of taking cautious measures has worked out in that the medieval game is coming a day early.

Over on, we learn that the devs have a lot of news for you to look over and consume. Firstly, the game will be available for 10% off for the first two weeks of sale. Also, if you own any of the previous Mount and Blade games, you will then be eligible for an additional 10% off discount in select digital stores:

“We have decided to make the game available for 10% off for the first two weeks of sale. In addition to this, anyone who owns any previous Mount & Blade title will be eligible for an additional 10% off in select digital stores. Also, you can breathe a sigh of relief because there won’t be a delay… In fact, quite the opposite! We have decided to bring forward the release of the game to 10.00 am UTC, March 30th.”

Now that you can get the game earlier and cheaper than previously announced, here’s what is in store for those gearing up to play the game early next week:

“In singleplayer, you will have access to Custom Battle and Campaign game modes. Campaign is a new and somewhat more structured approach to the Mount & Blade experience that blends a storyline and key events with the traditional sandbox gameplay that our players are familiar with. Campaign aims to provide players with clear goals and missions that can lead to a successful conclusion to a playthrough. However, if you refuse to take any direction and prefer to plot your own rise to power, you can simply ignore the campaign missions and go about your business!

During a campaign playthrough you will do most of the things that you would expect from a Mount & Blade game, including creating your own character with their own backstory; exploring a vast, re-envisioned continent of Calradia; hiring companions to accompany you on your journey; raising warbands and armies to devastate your enemies on the battlefield; conquering towns and castles; progressing your character skills and equipment; learning and mastering the game’s much-improved combat mechanics; and commanding and fighting alongside your troops; among a host of other things, many of which have been featured in previous blog posts!”

Furthermore, if you’re the type that doesn’t like to play alone and wish to play with other people, then you are in luck. According to the blog post, multiplayer is in the Early Access version, but not private servers:

“In terms of multiplayer content, you can expect a continuation of the recent multiplayer beta, which features 4 different game modes: Skirmish, Captain, Team Deathmatch, and Siege. We will continue to work on multiplayer throughout Early Access by introducing new features, game modes, and other additional content. We expect to enable our community to host private servers closer to the full release of the game.”

If all of that sounds like something you can get behind, the PC game is now heading to Steam Early Access a day early. Something worth noting is that the game will not run at full price when it launches on Steam Early Access, given that it will go for $49.99 / €49.99 / £39.99 — which the price will drop lower thanks to the two 10% off discounts.