New Muv-Luv Game Announcements Coming May 2nd At Comiket 98


The studio behind the Muv-Luv games, aNCHOR, announced that they have plans on attending Comiket 98 this spring on Saturday, may 2nd, 2020. Not only will they be attending with a lot of the standard fare paraphernalia that you’ve come to expect, they will also introduce some brand new merchandise and an all new game as well.

According to the press release, the booth for aNCHOR will feature all new merchandise for fans of Muv-Luv, as well as some “fan-favorite” items.

The big news will center around “Project Immortal” and “Project MIKHAIL”, and the lead developer on “Project Immortal”, Kitakuou, will be dropping by the booth to meet fans and visitors. I’m sure there will be plenty of info-dumping going on as well for those on hand.

They’ve also been aggressively promoting their appearance at the Aomi Exhibition Hall in the corporate booth area heavily on Twitter, promising big things at the convention.

For now details are scant on what you can expect other than announcements and merchandise, but there’s a countdown timer to the big showcase at Comiket 98 over on the official Muv-Luv website.

The visual novel games have gained quite the following over the years, and even managed to score a successful Kickstarter run for a proper English translation thanks to Degica back in 2016.

They managed to put the major entries of the series on Steam and the R18+ patches were even released to help make them a complete experience.

Given the current landscape of Steam’s heavy censorship and bans due to the taste police, I don’t know if newer games will have as easy a go of getting on the platform as the previous entries did, but we’ll find out what they have in store come May 2nd.

You can visit the official website for more info or to keep track of when the big announcements are set to go live.

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