Predator: Hunting Grounds PC And PS4 Trial To Start On March 27th, 2020

If you happen to own a PS4 or possess an anti-consumer Epic Games Store account, then you will be able to partake in the upcoming Predator: Hunting Grounds trial set for March 27th, 2020. According to IllFonic, PS4 participants can team up with others on PC with full cross-play support.

The trial in question won’t last long and will end on March 29th, 2020, meaning that it’s a weekend thing for those of you wanting to test the very game that triggered ResentEra due to there being a smaller female predator with noticeable boob armor that doesn’t “emasculate” male Predators.

According to the, the trial will feature a hot remote jungle level that harbors a significant presence of hostile guerrilla forces and operatives from the rogue Project Stargazer — a former government program now attempting to gain finances from selling alien tech.

As one would expect, both the Fireteam (the survivors) and Predator (hunter) will have to face-off against these dangerous enemies while attempting to complete any mission that happens to be available.

This means that the Fireteam is tasked with cutting off fuel to the local guerrillas and their elusive black market contact, while the Predator hunts anything that moves.

In addition to the above, the Fireteam has optional side-missions (which includes hunting the Predator) to accomplish as well as multiple random objectives that will pop up.

Moreover, there are four Fireteam classes in the full game. During the trial, though, you can only pick from three, consisting of Assault, Scout, and Support. As for the Predator, players can pick from the Hunter, Berserker, and Scout.

With all of that said, you can gather more info on the date and time for the trial by checking out the latest footage right here:

“Join the fight* this weekend from 5:00PM PST on March 27 to 11:59PM PST on March 29 in the Predator: Hunting Grounds Trial. Squad-up with friends as part of a Fireteam and take on dangerous missions before the Predator finds you–or become the Predator and hunt your prey. Wield human and alien weaponry in this intense asymmetrical multiplayer experience–unlocking iconic gear and skins as you level up throughout the trial. You can even team up with friends on PC with full cross-play support.”


Lastly, the full game will become available on April 24th, 2020, across PC via the Epic Games Store and PS4.

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