Quantum Error, Cosmic-Horror FPS Announced For PS4, PS5

Quantum Error

Teamkill Media announced that they have a new cosmic-horror first-person shooter in the works for the PlayStation 4 and the PlayStation 5. The Unreal Engine 4-powered title is set on an isolated rig off the islands in the year 2109 on Earth, but the terrifying monsters on the rig are anything but terrestrial.

We don’t get to see any actual gameplay, but instead there’s a pre-rendered sequence in-engine showcasing a demonstration of what the gameplay concept is supposed to be like for the upcoming title.

The three minute announcement trailer rolls out an okay looking concept, but their going to have to do a lot to convince gamers that the actual gameplay is going to be more than just another walking sim with some light combat tossed in. You can check out the trailer below.

Again, I like what they were trying to do and what they were aiming for, but the pre-rendered demo doesn’t do them any favors in outlining what we can expect from the actual gameplay.

Then again, this could have been a pitch to get some publishers to take notice of their game and secure additional financing to actually work on the title.

Now if the actual gameplay requires you to be stealthy and cautious about how you progress, forcing you to watch your steps to avoid making noises that would attract unwanted attention, or attempting to reload quietly so you don’t get ambushed, then Quantum Error could be really cool.

A high-intensity cosmic-horror game would be a very welcome addition on the market, since we don’t quite have any titles like that at the moment, and there’s a dearth of competitors looking to fill the shoes of Condemned: Criminal Origins and Dead Space.

For now we’ll have to wait to see what the actual gameplay is like, but it’s an indie project being made by four brothers, so don’t expect the sun and moon to be delivered with the project.

For more info or to keep an eye on the development, be sure to visit the official Quantum Error website.

(Thanks for the news tip Guardian EvaUnit02)

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