Streets Of Rage 4 Releases A Few Music Tracks On Soundcloud

Streets of Rage 4 Soundtrack

Curious what Lizardcube and DotEmu have in store for Streets of Rage 4 when it comes to the soundtrack? Well, they rolled out five of the tracks from the upcoming beat-’em-up so you can get an idea of what to expect from the fourth entry in the re-imagined sequel to the beloved beat-’em-up from the 16-bit era.

User Mbouland from the /r/StreetsOfRage sub-reddit spotted the update over on the DotEmu Soundcloud page, where five of the musical tracks from the Streets of Rage 4 soundtrack were uploaded for public perusal. You can gather an auricular gander of the tunes below.

I have to be completely honest, the only song that really spoke to me from the handful of featured tunes was Das Mörtal’s “Next of Kin Showdown”. That is a legitimately awesome track, even though if I’m being completely honest it doesn’t really sound like Streets of Rage all that much.

Two of the tracks are done by Olivier Deriviere, while Groundislava and Motohiro Kawashima provide the other two tunes.

While Groundislava’s “Overflow” isn’t one of my favorites, it definitely sounds like something from Streets of Rage. The urban hip-hop vibes combined with the grunge-techno is reminiscent of the kind of atmosphere that Streets of Rage 2 captured.

Motohiro Kawashima’s “DJ K-Washi” also sounds chiefly Streets of Rage‘ish. It’s also the most listened to track out of the quintet of tunes, having been played at least 1.2k more times than the Deriviere’s “Funky HQ”.

I can’t say I’m a fan of anything other than “Next of Kin Showdown”, but that’s mainly because my taste in music these days has grown rather thin and I’m just not quite as fond of anything particularly loud and noisy in the industrial sector of composition like I was back in the 90s; I prefer more melodic and driven tunes.

Moreover, I imagine even if the music variety in Streets of Rage 4 did manage to make most fans happy there’s still the issue of the character designs. Two of the characters seem woefully out of place, and it’s going to be hard to reconcile that every time you open up the character select menu.

On the bright side there’s still Streets of Rage Remake, which is still probably the best beat-’em-up game out there along with Vendetta and Super Double Dragon.

If you’re still looking forward to Streets of Rage 4, the game is due to drop on the Nintendo Switch, PS4, Xbox One, and on Steam for PC.

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