Survive The Night Trailer Has Bruce Willis And Chad Michael Murray Fending Off Home Invaders

Survive The Night

Matt Eskandari’s 2020 action-thriller Survive The Night shares no similitude with Bill Corcoran’s 1993 TV movie of the same name, even though technically it would have made for a pretty cool gender-swapped remake starring Bruce Willis and Chad Michael Murray. Even still, the [current year] action-thriller is about a family attempting to survive the night from two armed criminals, one of whom is wounded after attempting to rob a convenience store.

Chad Michael Murray stars as a disgraced surgeon whose family is held at gunpoint while he’s forced to perform emergency surgery on the brother of one of the armed assailants.

Bruce Willis takes on the role of Murray’s father, a dedicated ex-cop known for gunning down bad guys without remorse. Murray and Willis don’t stay hostages for long, and soon the assailants become the assailed, as the two main characters go on the hunt.

You can check out the trailer below, courtesy of Movie Trailers Source.

The low-budget thriller looks like the sort of thing you might watch to burn an hour or two when you can’t sleep. It seems kind of small and compact, and only having two baddies instead of a gang of them means the kill count is going to be rather sparse.

As I mentioned, it seems like it would have been a better film had it been a remake of the original Survive The Night, which was about three chicks attempting to survive a violent gang on the mean streets of the Bronx. Unfortunately the film was part of the feminist renovation of action films pushing for “girl power” that began sweeping through the 1990s.

But having Murray and Willis attempting to keep their family alive while a gang pursues them throughout the middle of the night in an abandoned part of the city would have made for a cool concept, not unlike Judgment Night.

Even still, beggars can’t be choosers during this drought of proper masculine media. With a few rare exceptions like Brawl In Cell Block 99, 13 Hours, Black 47 or Shot Caller, most action films are sadly too pozzed for their own good.

Based on the trailer above, it looks like Murray and Willis control the show and there’s no feminist nonsense being tolerated in the flick. I can get behind that. The robbers are definitely the wrong demographic, but beyond that it looks okay.

Survive The Night is set to release this May.

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