The Dark Pictures: Little Hope Release Date Leak Points To June 15th, 2020

The Dark Pictures: Little Hope, the sequel to the Until Dawn inspired Man of Medan’s release date has officially leaked courtesy of German retailer Saturn’s early listing. Scheduled for 06/15/20 the sequel will pit players against horrors “influenced by the real events” of the Salem Witch Trials. With the core gameplay remaining largely unchanged.

Frankly, I’m skeptical about the “based on a real story” in current year. Interestingly enough the Salem Witch Trials were essentially the 1800’s version of #MeToo. Baseless accusations were thrown around predominately by women that were taken as entirely credible accusations by society and the establishment. As no surprise more men then women were ultimately accused as is typical for most witch hunts/trials, but unlike their female counterparts, they ple d guilty, left town, or chased down their accuser and threatened to beat the life out of them for falsely accusing them.

When a game says they’re going to base their narrative on real events I don’t believe they mean the actual real events. Even modern historic debate centers around whether the women were actually lying or hallucinating because of mold in their bread. No one believes the accusations held any credence or merit. Not exactly the most riveting narrative device, so they probably mean the real-life accusations, not the actual events themselves.

Description from listing (translated by google)

Every new game is influenced by real events, whether fact, fiction or legend, and includes a completely new story, environment, and characters. Every new game in The Dark Pictures Anthology delivers a new, cinematic horror experience. This can be played alone or in the multiplayer modes: “Shared story” – share your gaming experience online with a friend and “movie night”, where up to five people can play with just one controller being passed around. Little Hope is the second game by The Dark Pictures Anthology. Four college students and their teacher find themselves trapped and isolated in the abandoned town of Little Hope. There they try to flee from nightmarish appearances, which they pursue mercilessly from the impenetrable fog.

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