The Riftbreaker, Base-Building Shooter Targets Release On Steam, PS4, Xbox One

The Riftbreaker

EXOR Studios is back with a brand new action-RTS called The Riftbreaker. The game combines hardcore twin-stick action with base-building and resource management. It’s a rare combination of game mechanics despite the fact that RTS titles are hugely popular and twin-stick arcade games have been around for ages.

The game centers around a scientific explorer who use AI-powered suits known as a Riftbreaker. You control Ashley S. Nowak in the mech suit known as “Mr. Riggs” as she has to explore an alien world known as Galatea 37, and gather samples, resources, and work to setup a base for convenient travel to and from Earth.

The main objective of the game is to build a rift gate back to Earth. In order to build the rift gate you’ll need to gather supplies, manage your resources, and accrue enough energy to power the gate. However, Galatea 37 is not hospitable, and hordes of aliens will attempt to overwhelm Mr. Riggs and destroy the base.

Players will have to utilize their real-time strategy mechanics to setup effective base installations and defenses to help fend off the alien hordes, while also upgrading and equipping Mr. Riggs with the necessary firepower to lay waste all of the alien inhabitants.

Meanwhile, you’ll also have to gather wildlife samples and build research facilities to better understand how to implement refineries, power plants, and more all in a bid to build a working rift gate.

The gameplay is like a mix between JCB Pioneer, Surviving Mars and Alien Shooter, all blended together.

Visually, though, The Riftbreaker looks phenomenal. The physics effects from when explosions go off and the way the environment reacts to the mass of the mech and heavy firepower makes the action sequences seem visceral and weighty.

This is all thanks to EXOR Studio’s in-house developed Schmetterling 2.0 engine, which is what they used for their hybrid tower defense shooter game, X-Morph: Defense.

You can look for The Riftbreaker to drop on the Steam store for PC in 2020, followed by a release on the PS4 and Xbox One, along with potential releases on the PS5 and Xbox Series X. You can learn more about the development of the game by visiting the Steam store page.

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