Autopsy Simulator Mixes In Real Life Forensics With Sinister Horror

Autopsy Simulator

PlayWay S.A., is really stepping outside the norms now. Their latest publishing effort is in collaboration with Polish studio Woodland Games, and it’s called Autopsy Simulator. Yes… it’s a simulator about conducting autopsies on cadavers.

The game puts you in the role of a coroner, where you must cut open dead bodies and attempt to piece together what led to their death.

Unlike other PlayWay games this isn’t quite as “movie” oriented as the others. It’s more like a morbid mystery-puzzle game where you have to dissect the human anatomy and piece together the cause of death based on the police reports and the scant pieces of information you’ve been handed.

As macabre as it may seem, the execution of the game (pun intended) is quite ace. The graphics are on point, and the cadavers have just enough detail so that the uncanny valley makes it unnerving to see them getting sliced and diced into pieces.

You can check out the announcement trailer below.

You’ll be operating on male and females alike, but it looks like they skimp out on some of the nudity.

The game is obviously not for the squeamish, but there’s more to it than that!

While cutting open dead bodies and figuring out what led to their death could be a game in itself, Woodland decided that working in a morgue was a setting too creepy to pass up for some horror-filled thrills.

Yes, in addition to slicing and dicing decaying skin and postmortem organs, you’ll also have to deal with the coroner’s sanity (or lack thereof) and some “sinister forces” at play in the morgue.

I’m not really sure how this game will play out, but Woodland contracted the help of forensic doctors and pathomorphologists to help with putting together case files and objectives, and there’s a surprising amount of detail in the physiological aspects of the autopsies so it’s not like Surgeon Simulator where you’re just taking out body parts and fumbling around with them for a few laughs.

I think Autopsy Simulator could be a sleeper hit for PlayWay if they play their cards right (another pun intended).

You can follow or wishlist Autopsy Simulator right now by visiting the Steam store page.

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