Cuck Movie Gets Woke, Goes Broke At Box Office

Cuck Got Woke Went Broke

Hollywood was intent on trying to paint anyone who isn’t a Progressive Liberal as an incel cuckold with the movie Cuck. However, the plan backfired big time and thanks to Mistress Corona-chan, the movie reportedly only made $0 at the box office.

According to the National File, they’re reporting that the movie made $0 according to box office receipts.

This was spread all across social media, especially Reddit and Twitter, where user ‘H’ had a screenshot of the movie’s total intake.

The National File points out that this wasn’t due to the coronavirus like so many other box office failures in recent times. This was actually due to the movie just not capturing the attention of any audience members.

This was corroborated by The Numbers who reported that the film came out back in October of 2019 and landed on video just two months later in December of 2019.

Originally the site listed the film as having made $0 at the box office, but then they later updated after the news went viral about Cuck making $0, so they removed the box office figure and posted up the following message instead…

“It has come to our attention that a previous version of this page with $0 in the Domestic Box Office field had been misinterpreted as meaning the film sold no tickets when it was released in theaters. As is common for the many independent releases, no box office was reported for this film, and a lack of a report at The Numbers does not have any implication for how much the film actually made. We have updated our pages to make it clear when no box office was reported for a film.”

Unless they show receipts proving otherwise, it appears the initial report is the accurate report.

Even still, trying to cover for the film to pretend it didn’t go broke is poor form on The Numbers’ part.

It’s not like the movie was receiving any sort of positive feedback for any of its trailers, or had any sort of marketing momentum leading up to its theatrical release.

But it’s not like it matters in the end, because Cuck got woke, went broke and now it’s on the Get Woke, Go Broke Master List.

(Thanks for the news tip Guardian EvaUnit02)