GameDec, Isometric Cyberpunk RPG Surpasses $113,000 On Kickstarter


Anshar Studios’ GameDec was originally announced last year in the summer just ahead of GamesCom. The game basically went dark after that, only occasionally appearing in previews up until recently, where Anshar decided to take to Kickstarter to gather funds to complete the development of their isometric, cyberpunk adventure title.

Even though they detailed how the quest system and gameplay structure works back in September of 2019, the Kickstarter video covers both the gameplay mechanics and the general gist of the game’s story, which is set in the 22nd century where everyone is hooked up virtual machines. However, when virtual crimes are committed, a virtual detective is required to step in to solve the crime, and this is where you come in, a game detective.

While you’ll definitely have your share of fisticuffs and firefights, a large portion of your time will be investigating the going-ons of the virtual world… or rather, the instances of different virtual worlds.

You’ll have to discover clues, talk to other NPCs, and gather evidence to solve cases.

They don’t make many games like this these days, which probably explains why it so quickly managed to surpass $113,000 over on Kickstarter, even though they were simply asking for $50,000 to finish off the project.

They still have two weeks to go on the crowdfunding campaign, so they’ll likely be able to surpass several more stretch goals, some of which included additional character customization skins, a True Detective mode, and additional interactions for NPCs.

I like the general tone of the game, and hopefully they don’t censor any of the nudity or strip club environments to accommodate the puritanical dictators of content and the overlords of entertainment, but I wouldn’t be shocked if they were brought to kneel at the twelfth hour by a certain terrorist forum.

In any case, if you’re interested in contributing to the cause, feel free to visit the Kickstarter page.

GameDec is currently slated to enter into beta around December, 2020.

(Thanks for the news tip Liam)

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