Lonely Mountains: Downhill Releases May 7th On Nintendo Switch

Lonely Mountains Downhill

Megagon Industries’ physics-based, isometric extreme sports bike sim, Lonely Mountains: Downhill, will finally make its debut on the Nintendo Switch starting May 7th. The arrival of the game on the Switch is kind of late given that it already released back in October of 2019 on PC, PS4, and Xbox One, but sometimes it’s better late than never.

They released a short 15 second trailer announcing the Switch version of the game, highlighting that you’ll be able to play the game on the go for the first time, supporting both the Switch’s TV mode and its portable mode.

The game relies on a low-poly, richly-colored design where you attempt to navigate through rocky mountain hazards, densely packed forests, and dangerously steep deserts. The art-style meshes with a zen-like pace for the game, where it’s more about enjoying the experience rather than competing against some kind dangerous force or dealing with destructive stage hazards.

As far as the design is concerned, it’s certainly more like Excite Bike than Dave Mirra. Majority of the focus is on skillfully maneuvering through isometric-style levels where you have to master the physics of the bike handling while also avoiding face-plants, crashing into obstacles, or tipping head-first into a not-so-endless pit.

The game includes several game modes and various maps to explore, including time attack and free ride. Maybe if it continues to do well we’ll see a multiplayer mode make the cut in a sequel?

The press release doesn’t mention anything about Switch specific features such as touchscreen support, gyroscopic controls, or motion-based mechanics, but some people might just enjoy playing the game as they did on PC but with the option to play it on the go.

As mentioned, Lonely Mountains: Downhill will arrive on the Nintendo Switch starting May 7th. You’ll be able to pick up a digital copy from the Nintendo eShop for $19.99.

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