Night Of The Scarecrows, Survival-Horror FPS Arrives On Steam

Night of the Scarecrows

StarCo Interactive recently released their first-person, survival-horror shooter on Steam called Night of the Scarecrows. No, it has no relation to the 1995 low-budget horror flick from Jeff Burr, but the premise of the new indie game would make for a pretty awesome horror film if a studio ever nabbed the rights to it.

Alpha Beta Gamer recently had a giveaway for Night of the Scarecrows as part of the launch of the full game on PC, but even if you missed out on the keys the game is available for just $4.99 over on the Steam store.

It centers around a traveler whose car breaks down near a farm, and unfortunately this farm is haunted by a horde of killer scarecrows.

You’ll have limited supplies as you attempt to fight your way through the arena-style farm as you fight off the scarecrows and attempt to escape alive.

You can check out seven and a half minutes of gameplay below.

The game is inspired by old-school survival-horror titles. As mentioend by the developers, it’s like you’re back in 1999!

No auto-regenerating health, no nav points, no enemy highlights, no objective waypoints.

You have to manually find the items necessary to progress through the levels while also fending yourself off from the silent-moving and very dangerous scarecrows, all of whom want you to join them.

The game’s presentation reminds me of an old 1980s slasher flick, but the gameplay is surprisingly solid.

The atmosphere is great, with a sort of Texas Chainsaw Massacre meets Killing Floor theme. However, the actual farm is based around an eastern European countryside.

It’s a shame we don’t get more games like this on a larger scale, but I suppose if people support StarCo’s indie outing then maybe Night of the Scarecrows 2 will be even bigger and better!

For now, you can get your hands on the game over on the Steam store.

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