Ninjala Open Beta Set For April 28th On Nintendo Switch


GungHo Online Entertainment announced that the open beta schedule for Ninjala is now online. You can find out when the beta tests will start in your neck of the woods so you can get a good idea on when you should wake up in the morning (or stay up at night) to participate.

You can find the open beta times posted over on the official Ninjala website.

The game could best be summed up as a mix of Overwatch meets Splatoon. There’s a lot of liquid splash everywhere and the color scheme and character designs are very similar to the Nintendo exclusive, but then there’s that annoying “diversity” element from Overwatch that they seem to be pushing, especially with the cinematics that GungHo rolled out. You can check it out below to see what I mean.

Thankfully the gameplay is completely divergent from anything remotely similar to Overwatch’s caustic and restrictive structure. You get different ninjas with various abilities, but each of them can turn into environmental objects to trick other players or lure them into traps.

You also use wobbly batons for weapons that almost look and function like the big purple dildo from Saints Row.

The gameplay is fast and furious and relies on skill, so instantaneously Centrists™ and Social Justice Warriors are going to have a bad time.

You can get a glimpse of what the gameplay is like with the trailer below.

It’s not my kind of game, but if you were interested in a melee-focused multiplayer title then you can check out Ninjala when it enters open beta on April 28th.

On the plus side, there’s a lot of loli-bait and that means there’s likely going to be plenty of waifu material in there to help push the popularity of the game beyond just the gameplay mechanics. So if things work out for GungHo we could see them experimenting with more games and original game types, which isn’t a bad thing at all.

You can learn more about the Switch exclusive by visiting the official website.

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