Official PlayStation Magazine’s July Issue To Reveal PS5 Games

It looks like we’ll learn more about the PS5’s games and maybe the console itself moving into the mid-part of the second quarter or early third quarter. According to a recent publication’s report, the Official PlayStation Magazine (OPM) offers gamers and fans alike some context on the blue brand’s next-gen timeline.

The OPM June 2020 issue — which is available now digitally, but will go on sale physically in early July — confirms that the July 2020 issue “will reveal the latest games” coming to the PS5.

On the topic of the OPM July 2020 issue, it will go on sale digitally sometime in May while the physical print will hit store shelves on June 2nd of this year.

The above information comes from website, which also happens to feature the following tweet that confirms the aforesaid:

If you can’t read or see the above tweet, the written version lies below:

“It’s coming. The next-gen starts next issue as we reveal the latest games coming to PlayStation 5, and how they’ll play.”

As you may know already, due to COVID-19 concerns, a lot of companies are taking measures to prevent further problems from occurring. With that said, events such as E3 2020 are no longer set to take place this year.

Instead, various publishers and developers will host their own digital events, with some of them happening in May, June, and July. Additionally, the head of Xbox, Phil Spencer, made mention that we can expect info on the Xbox Series X and Xbox games soon.

And now it looks like Sony will release next-gen news sometime in the second quarter according to the OPM’s latest issue.

With all of that said, website was right once again regarding Sony and Microsoft gearing up to release next-gen news soon.

So what does this all mean? Well, expect sometime this week leading up to June to hear more about next-gen pricing, games, and more.