Open Discussion April 19th, 2020

The latest Open Discussion has arrived as of April 19th, 2020. This series on OAG lets anyone write up anything that comes to mind in the comment section below, which can be about anything. As per usual, this Open Discussion, like many other pieces on this site, will not actuate any form of censorship.

Anyone looking for a place to share something that may be of interest will find that the Open Discussion, which appears every week on OAG, allows for all types of discussions. Also, the Open Discussion series enables readers to participate and engage in a variety of topics without any restrictions.

Moreover, the Open Discussion series also features specific topics to partake in if you can’t think of anything to jot down. If you do not want to partake in the Open Discussion and wish to change the subject to something that you feel is more interesting/pressing, feel free to do so.

As for this Open Discussion, this week is about video game accessories and the ones that you like or prefer to use, and places that you go to to get these accessories. In other words, is there a specific controller, keyboard, mouse pad, mouse setup, chair, monitor, TV, joystick, desk, or rig that you have that’s a must so that you can play games?

This also includes third-party and first-party related accessories and other stuff that’s related to video games — such as headphones, speakers, and other equipment. However, this also doubles over for things that are not gaming related.

Like any other Open Discussion, if you have something else on your mind and wish to share it, you are free to post it up here. This means that content unrelated to this very topic can be shared without being moved to another section.

This week’s music comes from Crysis 2:

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