Phantasy Star Online 2 Is Now Free To Download For Xbox One

Sega’s Phantasy Star Online 2 is now available to download for free, despite the recent announcement about delayed development. In other words, folks that happen to own an Xbox One, Xbox One S, or the Xbox One X will be able to play the JRPG right now. Those looking to pick up the game on PC will be able to do so sometime in May via the Microsoft Store.

I should note that all progress kept during the closed beta will stay active in the open beta, which also doubles over in the full version.

And on the topic of the full version, Xbox One goers will need to free up 68.76 GB of space to play Phantasy Star Online 2.

Moreover, if you want to dish out money to gain “extra content,” then you can snag Phantasy Star Online 2 Ragol Edition for $29.99 or Phantasy Star Online 2 Sonic Collaboration Edition for $59.99. Both editions sit over on, where you can find more info via the following tweet:

It’s unclear if Phantasy Star Online 2 will launch on Steam given that back in early February, the game had a listing for said client, but we’ll find out moving forward. In the meantime, the game is currently “restricted” to the Microsoft Store.

Lastly, folks wanting to know where to download any of the three versions of Phantasy Star Online 2 can do so by heading to the “Store” section on any of the Xbox One family of consoles and searching out the free or paid editions of the game. Also, you can use your computer to navigate the Microsoft Store website and purchase the game by using the proper account — which will show up on your Xbox One console.

As mentioned above, you can get this game for free right now across the Xbox One family of consoles, while the PC version will launch sometime in May via the Microsoft Store.