Phil Spencer Further Reiterates How Important The Japanese Market Is To The Xbox Team

The head of Xbox, Phil Spencer, has taken to the official Xbox Japan YouTube channel to announce that Microsoft will launch Xbox Game Pass in Japan on April 14th, 2020. However, the Xbox Team is working hard right now to make the Xbox experience even “better” in Japan.

Back on November 16th, 2019, we reported that the Xbox Team is serious about wanting more Asian and Japanese developers on board to help out late this gen and next-gen.

Later in the year 2019, on December 23rd, Spencer and his partner Matt Booty reiterated that they want to have a greater presence in Japan, as well as bringing more games to said market.

A month later, on January 22nd, 2020, Spencer noted that he was in talks with Japanese publishers and developers about the future of video games. And it looks like things are progressing between the land of the rising sun and the green brand.

As of today, website reports that Japan is incredibly important to the Xbox Team. With that said, you can read what Spencer has to say about the Xbox Team’s latest plans regarding Japan as listed below:

“The gaming market in Japan, fans in Japan, gamers in Japan, are incredibly important to me and team Xbox.

Some of the most amazing experiences we’ve all played on games have come from Japan and we work really hard to make Xbox a part of the experience for customers in Japan.”

Aside from Xbox Game Pass coming to Japan, the Xbox Team plans on announcing more information on the Xbox Series X, new games, and more as mentioned in the following blockquote:

“This is an exciting year for us in 2020. Obviously consoles are coming out this year, a lot of great games that we’re working on… We at team Xbox have a lot more news to share throughout the year and expect to continue to talk with you, be very transparent with you about our plans and what we’re working on.”

If you want to see the full video and hear Spencer attempt to speak another language, you can do so right here:

The Xbox Series X is currently slated to launch worldwide sometime late in Q4 2020.