Rumor Watch: PS5 Reportedly Having Hardware Performance Issues


There are some reports circulating that Sony’s PlayStation 5 hasn’t been built for optimization, and that it’s leagues behind the Xbox Series X in terms of performance. The real issue is that – according to the rumors – the PS5 doesn’t have any games worth showing off and they’ll either have to delay the device another six to 12 months or risk overheating issues if they launch it this holiday season.

There was a post about the issue that was shared on Twitter by Windows Central’s Daniel Rubino, that corroborated what was mentioned in the post, claiming that he had heard similar complaints from developers about the PS5’s performance.

The relevant part of the message from Jeff Rickel states…

“Don’t you find it odd they have yet to really show the hardware despite pressure to do so due the MS? Because the hardware failrs at an alarming rate. The system cannot maintain its clocks. The m.2 gets hot quick (more throughput means more power consumptions means more heat). But even a PCIe 3.0 m.2 got hot in the setup.

“The underlying issue is Sony did not realize the form factor needed to be changed and now they are concerned about having to complete redesign it and have it look more the XSX tower because it will look like they have just copied MS.
“Do you also not think it odd they have not really shown off some launch titles? Reason? The devs have no idea what to optimize for because Sony has no idea what the PS5 will deliver in consistent performance yet and they do not want to show off captures from dev systems that do not match what a production console would produce.” […] [sic]

The post goes on to say what we already know: that Sony has been resting on their laurels being the market leader for so long, much in the same way they became complacent during the PS2 era in preparation of entering into the seventh gen with the PS3, where they got royally stomped by both Nintendo and Microsoft.

Rickel states that the Xbox Series X is currently rocking and rolling, juking and jiving in all the right ways. From a hardware perspective, Rickel and Rubino have said what many of us already know: Mirocrosoft managed to nail the hardware for the Xbox Series X.

The biggest problem that Microsoft faces is that they don’t have any noteworthy software outside of possibly Halo: Infinite, but given that they’ve focused so much on bringing in diversity hires, it instantly means the quality of the games are going to be lower than anything Sony or Nintendo develops.

Sony, however, not only has the censorship policies fish-hooking them, but they also have some rumored hardware issues potentially hampering them, too.

There’s no telling if the rumors are true, but if they are then it would absolutely explain why we haven’t seen any games for the PS5 and why Sony has been ducking out of E3 like an inner city father dips out of paying child support.

(Thanks for the heads-up Kevin)

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