Samurai Shodown Sogetsu DLC Now Available

Samurai Shodown - Sogetsu

SNK Corporation announced that the first character DLC for Samurai Shodown is currently available for Nintendo Switch, PS4, and Xbox One. The DLC will also be available for when the game launches on the Epic Games Store for PC.

The DLC is currently available in Japan and the Americas, but it will launch April 2nd in Europe. If you have the season pass then the character is included in the package, alongside three other DLC characters, two of which include Iroha and Mina. There’s also a fourth DLC character, but they haven’t been revealed yet and are a mystery at this point.

Sogetsu, however, is a long-time roster standard in the Samurai Shodown universe, having appeared in the series way back in the 1990s. He’s been a series’ staple ever since.

As depicted in the trailer, Sogetsu has the ability to manipulate ice and use it to his advantage. His hydrokinesis enables him to create traps for his foes and control his opponent’s positioning.

The trailer, however, opens with his air counters before transitioning into his water traps, which he can link very conveniently into a combo.

I doubt this will get many people to get up off their butts and purchase the season pass for Samurai Shodown, but for fans of the character he’s available piecemeal for just $5.99.

The Season Pass 2 is available for $13.99 on PS4 and comes with three characters, including Sogetsu, Iroha, and the mystery character. On the Xbox One and Nintendo Switch, the Season Pass 2 will run you $19.99 and it comes with four characters, including Mina, Sogetsu, Iroha, and a mystery character.

You can learn more about the season pass and the game by visiting the official Samurai Shodown</i. Website.

The game is expected to launch as a timed exclusive on the Epic Games Store for PC, which means you won’t see it on Steam until sometime next year.