Call Of Duty Studio Sledgehammer Games Is Developing Multiple Projects, As Per Report

Sledgehammer Games is working on multiple titles, one of them is reportedly the new 2020 Call of Duty game. However, it sounds like other unannounced titles will tag along with the forthcoming triple-A FPS entry.

According to publication site, we learn that Sledgehammer Games, a company known for Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare and Call of Duty: WWII, is working on several titles as of this moment.

The website notes that Sledgehammer Games has conjured up a work scheduled dubbed “Decade II,” which helps the studio navigate through challenging times, much like the one in 2018 that saw the departure of studio founders Michael Condrey and Glen Schofield.

On the topic of this work schedule, Sledgehammer Games’ new COO Andy Wilson — a former executive at 2K’s Hangar 13 — made it known that the studio’s future is looking bright despite multiple projects being in the works.

Falling in line with the above information comes word from Activision Blizzard’s Chief Operating Officer and president Daniel Alegre, saying how the next Call of Duty game is still being developed despite devs working from home.

The next entry in the ongoing series will be a “premium title,” which is still on track to release sometime later this year.

Moreover, Alegre notes that two “library IPs” from Activision are in development. In other words, there are two games in the works that aren’t related to Call of Duty.

In addition to the above, it’s unclear what these two games are, and Activision and Alegre did not specify what gamers and fans alike can expect from here on out. However, we now know that the studio that implemented black female Germans in Call of Duty: WW2
is a support-developer on the upcoming Call of Duty 2020 title — which will more than likely be as woke as the last game.

Lastly, Sledgehammer Games is reported to have around 200 people working across its California and Melbourne studios, and 100 more developers will join in to help over the next year.