Corrupt Journalists Get Facebook, YouTube To Ban Videos Featuring Professor Dolores Cahill

Computer Forever Banned

Irish professor, Dolores Cahill, has been speaking out against the way the establishment has been handling the coronavirus. Her views don’t match up with the mainstream media’s fearmongering and panic-inducing misreporting. To prevent anyone from hearing her speak, corrupt journalists have been reporting videos featuring Cahill in order to get YouTube and Facebook to remove them from the web.

Reclaim The Net spotted the news from a video posted up by Computing Forever called “Debunking The Narrative”, a video that was removed after being up for just under a week.

As noted by Reclaim The Net, the video was removed both from Facebook and from YouTube following reports filed against the video by a reporter from Business Insider.

Computing Forever posted up a video explaining the situation.

But it gets worse.

Even hosting files on Google Drive can net you censorship from Big Tech.

Reclaim The Net also reported that Google is shutting down Google Drive accounts used to share Judy Mikovits’ Plandemic.

Google intercepted the peer-sharing tactic after being alerted to the use of their service to inform people about coronavirus views that don’t match up with the mainstream narrative after a Washington Post reporter snitched the user out.

On the upside, you can still watch Debunking The Narrative from Computing Forever via his Bitchute account.

(Thanks for the news tip Doc)