Dark Light, Grim-Dark Post-Apoc Metroidvania Enters Early Access On Steam

Dark Light

Mirari Co., and Maple Whispering recently released Dark Light into Early Access on Steam. It’s a grim-dark, cyberpunk, body-horror metroidvania where you have to battle through the forces of evil in a post apocalyptic setting filled with violence, horror, gore and guns.

You explore a world where supernatural beings, deformed mutants, killers, psychos, and cyborgs roam freely. You’ll need to make use of a specialized drone that can spot creatures invisible to the human eye, as well as hunting down monstrous enemies in order to collect their energy shards to increase your power.

The game allows you to make use of a wide variety of both projectile and melee weapons, where you’ll shoot, fight, hack, and slash your way around 2D environments filled with platforming puzzles, unique areas to explore, and a really cool art-style that captures a post-apocalyptic cyberpunk world in a very different way. You can check out the trailer below, courtesy of Gematsu.

In some ways it reminds me of a mix of Hellgate: London meets Matterfall meets Metro 2033 meets Super Metroid.

The unrelenting nature of the game certainly looks cool, and if they can clean up a few of the animations it’ll look even better.

Early Access is expected to last for an entire year, but that could vary depending on the feedback they receive from the community.

The full version of the game will also come with four different worlds to explore, multiple sections for each world, more than 25 different weapons, and non-linear upgrading options.

They plan on adding in more bosses, more enemies, and more vendors.

The current state of the Early Access version sees the game being around 60% complete with two of the worlds already finished.

If you wanted to check the game out now you can do so by visiting the Steam Early Access page. Otherwise you can wishlist and follow it until it graduates from Early Access.

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